What is Smart Screen Recorder?

Smart Screen Recorder is a Google Chrome extension that gives the user the ability to record his screen or chrome tab or a particular window without the need of installing any external software or any other tool.

Awesome Features
Automatically upload the recorded files to

Google Drive

With Smart Screen Recorder you will be able to automatically retain a backup of your recorded files once the recording is finished, In order to be able to use this feature you have to login into the extension using your Google Account and grant access to Smart Screen Recorder to access your Google Drive account, The extension will use your account to automatically upload the recorded files under a directory in your Google Drive account.

In the following 5 steps we will show you how to install & use Smart Screen Recorder?

Get started

Add Smart Screen Recorder extension to your Google Chrome browser

Get it now for free.
Open the extension from the browser toolbar and click Sign In
Google will ask you to choose and account to continue to Smart Screen Recorder

You can fill your account details! That is safe and happening through Google.

Google will inform you that Smart Screen Recorder will be granted access to your Google Drive account and your email address.

Click allow if you want to use Google Drive auto upload feature

Now you are done

Check the following video to see how to record your screen and how Smart Screen Recorder will automatically upload the recorded file to your Google Drive account.

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